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Educational Trip

Have done many themed programs (agriculture, law, industrial), we are proud and experienced to accommodate educational trips.

For the group leader and professor, we know that it is never an easy task to be responsible for the well being of a group of students while traveling overseas. As such, we will ensure that the process of getting your trip up and running is as smooth and efficient as possible. We understand the demands on your time as a teacher and therefore we do as much as we can for you.

For students, we deliver more than just a destination…we deliver an experience! A global experience forever changes lives. Parents are welcome to join the discussion before the trip, such as the kid’s dietary issue or other special requirements.

We offer:

- Step by step planning of the program

- Chinese visa

- Air tickets, train tickets

- Experienced driver, tour guide or national tour leader

- Accommodation, quality local meals / western style meals

- City sightseeing tours

- School visits, farm visits, company visits. If you have an idea, we will try our best to make it happen.

Our programs:
We help:

- To have an authentic travel experience and meet the target of the trip (either subject-oriented or tour sightseeing) with step by step consultation

- To secure the quality of the vehicle, guide, accommodation and meals

- To have a trustable contact wherever and whenever there is a problem

- To get the best trip at a best price and to leave everybody a high evaluation of the trip

Awesome day trip to Macau from Hong Kong: group photo in front of the Ruins of St. Paul's

Location: Macau

Connecting people, making friends - School visit during the program

Location: Beijing

Class outside of classroom: Visit to the world's largest distributor of electronics and maintenance products is not only interesting but also enlightening.

Location: Hong Kong

A glimpse of business in China: Visit to Tencent - a leading provider of Internet value added services in China, one of the largest Internet companies, as well as the largest and most valuable gaming company in the world.

Location: Shenzhen

The Professor, who knows China inside out, gives Lecture in the open air near the Ming Tombs

Location: Beijing

Amazing ancient Chinese architecture in the Temple of Heaven

Location: Beijing

A taste of history and dim sum: lunch in a floating restaurant, Hong Kong, The decor style is so "Chinese", you'll feel like being in a Roger Moore Bond movie scene. Students dressed up like a Chinese King and took photos sitting on the throne, there's some fun in that.

Location: Hong Kong

Try authentic local food and learn to use of chopsticks: we try, we learn and we know.

Location: Beijing


What Faculty Say:

" Excellent, meal was much better than other tours I had been on. Kevin was the perfect fit for our group! Francine, will highly recommend your service. Also, you should Kevin for any western group, esp educational groups. "
       - Prof. Conlee

" Great! Longmen Grottos was peaceful and the food at the hotel was wonderful! Dancing on the square was one of my favorite experience! – Jennifer,Guide was very personable, always energetic, extremely helpful. "
       - Prof. Jayaraman

" I got back from China on Monday and was sick for a few days but now I am a bit better. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all you've done to insure that our trip went well! I will always remember the daily calls and follow ups you made to confirm plans. I also appreciated how flexible you were on changing some items including lunches, dinners, and even timing of some visits. Overall I think the students were more than pleased with the daily schedule, the tour guides, and the comfortable pace of the trip. Surely they may ask for improvements in some areas such as the border-crossing but overall, I think the trip was terrific and well planned.
I also wanted to mention that I appreciated your professional mannerism in all your communication whether in email or by phone. I do hope that you continue to coordinate future trips to China for us, although I am not certain who will be fortunate to lead the trip next year. "

       - Prof. Nino

What Students Say:

" Best meal in China! Thank you for taking feedback/suggestions for dishes and adjusting accordingly. We loved Jerry so much! Chongqing was the most interesting city of the trip, so many things to see! "
       - Tristan Morgan

" They were great! Thank you for ordering such great sections for us! Rex is a great guy, Really nice and informative! Great rooms and breakfast. Wish the landry was cheaper. "
       - Elexis Oliver

" Itinerary was great. Everything went smoothly and timely. A lot covered in a short piece of time but never rushed. Really enjoyed Muslim Street, Terracotta Warriors. Food and Restaurants were good choices. Rex and driver were good and considerable. Really enjoyed having Rex as our guide. Thank you for the great memories, Francine! "
       - Brenda Guy

" Best meal that I ever had. Kevin also took us to the best spots on our tours! Kevin was an amazing tour guide and taught me a lot about the Chinese culture. He knows exactly what we liked and spots that that were most interesting to us as well as engaging us in the Chinese culture. "
       - Morgan Mc Anally

" Good itinerary, great meals. We were a difficult group to keep up with but Rita did a very good job. Her information was great and she kept in good spirits despite how hard we were to deal with. We had a very fun weekend in Beijing. "
       - Lauren Lauher

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